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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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emotional pleas on both sides of the plan to bring in controversial police chief bill bratton. >> it is relative to settling lawsuits -- >> reporter: an emotional meeting about how to effectively police oakland attracts hundreds of people. many waiting for hours for a chance to voice their opinion about a $250,000 proposal to hire formal police chief bill bratton to help o.p.d. get a handle on daily violent crime. jessica says the support of stop and frisk will put young men of color at risk. >> we happen to have an unfortunate skin color. i hate to say it like that. i have pride in who i am. >> reporter: the mother to be said if oakland invests in what she calls unconstitutional policing her unborn son will grow up to be a target for police. >> i didn't think it would be like. this i kept saying i wanted a girl. >> reporter: supporters are just as emotional begging the council to act if it will help stop the
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bloodshed in oakland when you can't walk down the street and be safe, when you can't go to school. you can't because it is just a war zone that's going on. we need a bill bratton as a strategist. >> reporter: some say they stacked the crowd, sending e-mail blasts urging residents who support her approval of the bratton plan to attend. saying sane oaklanders. >> didn't appreciate some of the things that patricia sent out in her e-mail about the hooligans. i don't consider myself a hooligan at all. >> reporter: public comment is expected to continue here for hours tonight. so far the city council has not voted on the bratton plan or a plan to bring in the alameda county sheriff's deputies or to hire more technicians. we'll continue to monitor this meeting. nbc bay area news. >> it could turn out to be a very long night. thank you. more on that injured oakland
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officer's condition. the undercover detective that we told you about is recuperating at home. doctors did treat and release him for a gunshot wound to the arm that he received last night. he arrested five alleged gun members in connection with that attack. two were arrested for parole violations. new details on a home invasion robbery in san jose. police are investigating whether there is a link between the home invasion and a carjacking that happened just hours before nearby. last night on the 6700 block of brett hart, the robbers tied up an elderly couple and ransacked their home. the suspects then drove off in one of the two vehicles. one was able to get free and call for help. police are looking for a 1997 toyota camry with a license plate 3 ung 960. the other is a 2007 green toyota highlander. license plate 5 xiu 520. traffic, schools, property
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values and location, location, location. all of it on the table as the city of los gatos faces off with residents over plans for some 400 affordable housing units. can they find a right fit in a city known for affluent homes and an upscale lifestyle? george kiriyama was at the meeting. how did it go? >> reporter: it is still going on right now and it appears the town council is ready to send it back to committee after a very intense public hearing. they may revisit some of the 36 other sites and see if there are better locations. the number one concern from the dozens of neighbors who spoke, number one, increasing traffic followed by decreasing property values. then the quality of education going down. that was the third concern. there are a few locations where the more than 450 affordable housing units would be built but the walnut orchard near highway 17 and highway 85 is the one where many feel building more homes will turn an already
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congested area into a bumper-to-bumper traffic nightmare. the neighborhood is a one way in and one way out and there's worry property values will go down if high density housing comes to the area. families with children are concerned about increasing class size with the schools. they have a great reputation and the fears affordable housing will attract more families who want to give their kids a better education. one word we heard a few times tonight. segregation. some worried about putting housing in one area will create a visible division between the high income parts of los gatos and the more affordable parts. >> this has to be spread so they can have access to shops and to downtown, to did you have kind of schools. this should not be all in one location, not to create a ghetto if you will or a cluster of, oh, these people. >> i think it is one of those that we must use because there is space there. i hope that you will consider, i don't want the town to lose
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financial support from the state which it will if it doesn't approve this. >> reporter: if the council doesn't take action, the town could lose the ability to issue permits or they'll be forced by the state to rezone certain areas. we're live in los gatos tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. thanks. new at 11:00, best friends remembered for their hearts and souls, both tragically killed on vacation in hawaii. they were exploring a kauai beach last friday when they were killed by two sneaker waves. 47-year-old brian baker of vallejo was swept to sea first. his friend, 46-year-old adam griffith tried to lower a stick to help his friend when he was knocked into the water by a second sneaker wave. griffith's fiance witnessed the whole thing. friends in the bay area are shocked. they were both athletic and brian was an experienced swimmer. >> he's been swimming, apparently, since he was a young, young kid. he was a diver in high school
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and the triathlons, he was just really, really fit. >> they made friends with everybody. they made you, they made everyone feel welcome. and appreciated. >> friends say griffiths will be cremated and his ashes sent back to his native australia. the body of baker still has not been found. the investigative unit exclusive. under fire and facing a lot of heat. a long time east bay firefighter is under intense scrutiny after being arrested for burglary and grand theft. police found illegal weapons and thousands of stolen firefighting gear at his homes and in his cars. that's not the most disturbing aspect to the story. investigative report he vicky winn has an exclusive report. >> reporter: captain john wilmont is a 27-year veteran of the contra costa fire district. these court documents say this public servant stole from taxpayers, harassed co-workers
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and threatened people he was sworn to protect. now there is a workplace restraining order against wilmont and federal agents have confiscated illegal guns and ammo found at his homes. investigators search three homes and five cars belonging to fire captain john wilmont. court papers show they found more than 200 items allegedly stolen from the fire district, including expensive tools and fire gear worth thousands of dollars. records show they also found 53 guns, including illegal assault rifles and many unregistered guns. his bosses filed a workplace restraining order. in the petition the fire chief said he wrote a co-worker's name on a bullet and gave it to him. that he stole another firefighter's uniform in retaliation. the chief also cites police reports showing he told a woman he would rape and decapitate her
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after she accidentally called and hung up on him. court papers show another time police responded when wilmot used a hammer to threaten a delivery driver over a parking spot. >> i think that holding people accountable is something that all of our staff want to see. >> reporter: this went on for eight years. >> what went on for eight years? >> reporter: the harassment, the threats, the retaliation. >> again, i don't know the details. >> reporter: the fire marshal luis said the district didn't notify other employees or the public sooner because of personnel privacy rights. >> reporter: are you mr. wilmot? we met up with him outside one of his three homes. >> i'm looking for mr. wilmot. do you know where i can find him? >> i don't. why? what can i -- >> reporter: we have some questions for him. what's your name? >> i'm brad. >> reporter: are you his friend? >> his friend. >> reporter: after he gave us his fake name, his attorneys
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called and asked us not to speak with him again. he posted $30,000 bail after his arrest on december 10th. he fired for retirement and benefits shortly after. according to the fire district, he took home about $200,000 in salary and overtime last year. we will be following this investigation and we'll let you know when it heads to the d.a. for now i'm live, nbc bay area news. what's at risk is kids and their subsequent lives after spinal cord injuries. >> reporter: still ahead at 11:00, another investigative unit exclusive. they're a drawl for thrill seekers and most ski resorts have them. are terrain parks being built without safety in mind? and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we're the storm tonight. rain already developing offshore at the current moment and you can see extensive cloud cover even with that rain coming in. spare the air wednesday with the worst air quality in the north bay. then showing your team
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colors for life. the super bowl deal drawing plenty of diehard fans. and she was the winning face of one of the biggest internet hoaxes in history. tonight the woman linked to the manti te'o scandal.
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the woman who became known as the girlfriend in the manti te'o host is speaking out for the first time. >> my name is not lena kukua. it is diane. it is a very twisting scenario. he has called and not only
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confessed and he has apologized. i don't think there is anything you can say to me that would fix this. >> the man behind the hoax? he has not commented. te'o says he was a victim and was not aware of or involved in the prank. you can watch the exclusive interview tomorrow morning on "today" beginning at 7:00 a.m. they let you jump, slide and twist and they are popping up all across the country with the majority being built right here if northern california. we're talking about those terrain parks. it is like a skate park in the snow. yes, they're fun but are they safe? >> investigative reporter found out some are concerned about the design of the parks and the potential for serious accidents. people of all ages are now using these parks. from kids to adults. and they're launching you up as high as 90 feet in the air. it is no surprise the parks can be dangerous. some engineers say withstand dards and a little math, they can be safer. those who design them argue they
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are doing all they can and it is user beware. it is a big draw for snow boarders and skiers. terrain parks are growing in popularity alongside big events like the x-games. and according to a recent survey by the national ski area's association, 90% of u.s. ski resorts now have them. >> the u.s. is leading the rest of the world. >> reporter: chris gunnerson has been at the center of the craze since it began two decades ago. his company, snow park technologies, is responsible for dreaming up and constructing the jumps for the x-game and the detour. he is also building the terrain parks all over the world. and northern california, that includes places like north star, squaw and heavenly can you design them so they're safe?
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>> it is impossible to design a safe jump. >> reporter: he says while there is a lot of thought put into how the parks are designed, his team uses no calculations to build the jumps. >> as an industry, there aren't standards. because snow changes all the time, it is kind of impossible to have quote/unquote standards. >> you want to minimize that impact or control it in some sense. typically you can't just do that by pushing snow around and hoping that it is the right shape. >> reporter: he is an expert witness who has testified in several lawsuits against various ski resorts. he is also a professor of mechanical engineering at uc davis. >> not all of them are safe. absolutely. >> reporter: he says the key to preverying serious accidents is calculating the distance from the jump to the landing. >> basically, accommodates for any place you want to land and it makes it so you land equally softly everywhere. >> reporter: while ski resorts typically keep accident
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statistics private, it was found that the rate of spine and head injuries at terrain parks is double that compared to other areas at a resort. >> i had no idea these jumps really have almost little to no design. >> reporter: when kenny hit a jump at more than 35 miles an hour at a terrain park at the sum at snoqualmie in washington, it sent him more than three stories up in the air. >> the landing of the ramp was way too short. it drapd me on to flat ice instead of more of a sloped landing which in theory would have prevented the injury that i got. >> reporter: paralyzed from the neck down at 23 years old, he received more than 14 $middle in damages from the ski area. >> it was like taking on big tobacco. >> reporter: it is a judgment that he says came as a shock to the ski industry. resorts are rarely found liable for injuries on the slope. >> i've got 24-hour care now. >> reporter: he was the
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exception. he was hurt in part because the jump constructed by the ski area wasn't reasonably safe, according to jurors. salvini fears that other parks are also flawed. >> something has to be done. it doesn't mean you have to tear down these parks with. a little science and common sense, i think the terrain parks can be built safely. >> reporter: the american society for testing and materials, an international standards organization, is now trying to figure out if a terrain park's standard is possible with a committee made up of ski resort operators, park designers and engineers like hubbard. all while more and more parks are built. >> what is at risk is kids. and their subsequent lives after spinal cord injuries. that's what is at risk. >> i would be willing to try it. but there is no proven model out there yet. >> reporter: but that could take some time. the standard for ski bindings took more than ten years to develop. we did reach out to several ski resorts in the lake tahoe area.
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they denied our questions for an on camera interview. the ski resort in washington where kenny salvini was injured at would not comment. but publicly they said a skier or rider accepts the risks associated with the activity. chris gunnerson served at expert witnesses. nbc bay area news. >> thanks. if you have a tip for the investigative union, give us a call at 888-996-tips or you can send us an e-mail. time to check in with jeff ranieri. >> yes. we are tracking our rainfall developing right now and extensive cloud cover. it is about 50 to 75 miles offshore. as you can see, it is picking up in intensity. in the early morning hours, we'll likely get some rain drops into santa rosa and points to the south including san rafael. the other big talk this hour are the mild temperatures.
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yes, it is cold out here. 42 in santa rosa. 47 in napa. it hasn't been this mild at this time of the night in more than two weeks. you may be saving on that electricity bill. at least a little bit here as we head throughout tonight. let's get you out to that network. there is haze. even with the chance of showers moving in, that will kick out of here as we head into the next 24 hours. let's get you back to the weather boards. here's the complex picture. we have the cold front sitting offshore and look at this huge plume of sub tropical moisture. that will help fuel that chance of showers. it is creating a very complex weather situation in the upper level energy. what you should know, temperatures will cool off tomorrow. we'll keep that chance of showers and it will have a little bit of a sub tropical feel. so increasing humidity through the forecast. what will this mean? widespread cloud cover. we cannot even rule out the chance here of a chance of showers here for the greater bay
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area as we start off tomorrow. also very cloudy. as we continue throughout the day, it looks like that more skin rainfall will start to develop by the noon hour. into the afternoon and slowly start to push to the south. again, the forecast models have had an extremely tough time with this. just be prepared with that umbrella with the best chance of couples laigt rainfall into the north bay. for tomorrow, we'll start with 41 in santa rosa. it will feel like the heater is on outside because it hasn't been that warm in so long. 46 in san jose and 44 in los gatos. for your wednesday, keep that umbrella handy as we've been mentioning. that chance of showers remaining in the forecast for all the bay area. temperature in the bay area, 59 in san jose and 58 in livermore with 64 in santa cruz. that will be a lot cooler for you after mid 70s to start off the week. on that three-day forecast, by friday, here it comes. another chance of showers.
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not a big storm system. we'll keep more chances of showers in the mix for saturday and sunday. we'll have these waves of energy coming on by and passing over the bay area. at this point they'll do what they want. that's why it will be a mix of sun, clouds and showers for friday, saturday and also on sunday. i'm looking forward to saving on that heating bill for tomorrow morning. i had it crank in. you wake up. it is too hot. your head is stuffy. i'm going to crack open the wind over tonight. >> get some fresh air. >> sharing a few personal details. >> thanks. we'll be right back.
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so who is that girl with the pearl earring? you may recognize her face but her identity still remains a mystery centuries after johannes vermeer painted her image. it will be in san francisco so you can see it yourself. the girl is often referred to as the dutch mona lisa. there was even a novel and the
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movie. yet the most revealing part of the movie may not be the pearl earring. >> she is wearing a turban. that was not the kind of costume people in the 17th century wore. it may well be that somebody whom vermeer knew posed for it. >> the painting and 34 others are on loan from the royal picture gallery at the mooritz house in the hague. you can get more information on our website. search the girl with the pearl earring. the harbaughs make the "sports illustrated" cover and a surprising claim involving the raiders.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss in the sports room. i'm doing the same thing you're doing, getting my team ready for
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the super bowl. by now you certainly know about the harbaugh brother angle and it is only tuesday. "sports illustrated" getting on board. behold this week's cover, jim and john along with the headline, there will be blood. as for the game, well, there will be execution of a long term plan. >> we set out to win three super bowls. this season. and two of those we've won. and our third super bowl is coming up in less than two weeks and so the feeling, how you felt is let's go to work. let's make damn sure we go back to work and get to work and get ready for this game. >> a conspiracy theorists will love this. former raiders star tim brown reiterated tuesday comments he's made on prior occasions that then coach bill callahan sabotaged his team in super bowl xxxvii by changing the game plan
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at the last minute. tampa bay wound up winning that game handily 48-21. >> friday morning we get in and we have a brand new game plan. 25 years of football. i never had a coach two days before a game change a game plan. so we go into the super bowl knowing that we don't have a chance to win. the only way we have a chance to win this game is if tampa bay doesn't show up. if they don't come out of the locker room. that's how jacked up that thing was. in the locker room, sabotage, callahan. you did this for gruden. that's what people were saying. >> the sharks wrapping up a two-game roady in albert a taking on the oilers. it was a successful as atwo-game roady to start the season. they scored six goals in the first period. that ties the franchise record. the sharks are unbeaten on this young season. they will have their home opener thursday against the coyotes.
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eight of the next nine at hp pavilion. one more quick note. jamarcus russell reportedly attempting a comeback.
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i've been a loyal fan since 1985. who is better than us? nobody! >> what's the sign of a true niner fan? these fans think it is getting a niner tattoo to show their loyalty to the team. they have a steady business inking up niner fans and the tattoo parlor has a half off deal right now for niner tattoos. they said they've even had a real niner come in for a tattoo, delaney walker. >> very interesting. i'll just wear their colors. >> i was going to say maybe you'll get a 49ers tattoo. >> i'm not sure. i'll wear a sticker.
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>> so we are expecting a slight chance of showers tomorrow. >> we'll have an umbrella ready. good night. there is no mass-produced human.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you! thank you, everybody! welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here! thank you very much! well, congratulations to president obama on his second inauguration yesterday. i thought he gave a terrific speech. he gave a great speech! [ cheers and applause ] you know, on the news they made a big deal out of the fact that four years ago, there were twice as many people at his first inauguration than there was at this one. well, yeah. that's because four years ago, twice as many people could afford to stay in hotels. you know, that's all -- exactly. actually, you know who gave the
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